What are Meetings

Meetings in Ghana
May 30, 2020

A meeting is an event where the primary activity of the attendees is participation in educational sessions and meetings or discussions, socializing, or attending other organized events. There is no exhibit (exhibition) component to this event. There are usually only 50 participants. Sometimes they last up to 45 days, so they require a hotel, a stay, and a conference center. There are two types of business meetings: meetings of associations, where the information is discussed among the participants of the same or different professions and meetings of corporations and conferences, typically of 1 or 2 days of duration with a formal program that has been promoted in advance.

A corporate event is considered as luxury entertainment that companies give to their most important customers in order to create a good image in the society or in the hosted entertainment at major sporting events, concerts, and other high profile functions, or participation in sporting or outdoor pursuits-type activities. Though not common, some professional and trade associations may organize golf days or other sporting events for their members.

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