Plan a Trip to Northern Region, Ghana 2023

Mole National Park Ghana
September 20, 2023

A trip to the Northern Region of Ghana promises a unique and culturally enriching experience. The region is known for its traditional customs, stunning landscapes, and vibrant festivals. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a memorable trip to the Northern Region:

Duration: 7-10 days

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit the Northern Region is during the dry season, from November to April.

Day 1: Arrival in Tamale

  • Fly into Tamale International Airport, the largest city in the Northern Region.
  • Check into a comfortable hotel in Tamale.
  • Explore Tamale’s vibrant markets and sample local cuisine.

Day 2-3: Mole National Park

  • Drive to Mole National Park (about 3 hours from Tamale).
  • Enjoy a guided safari to spot elephants, antelopes, and various wildlife.
  • Stay at the Mole Safari Lodge overlooking a watering hole.
  • Spend another day exploring the park and its diverse ecosystems.

Day 4-5: Larabanga and the Mystic Stone

  • Visit the ancient mosque of Larabanga, one of the oldest mosques in West Africa.
  • Explore the picturesque village of Larabanga and its mystical Mystic Stone.
  • Stay in a traditional guesthouse or eco-lodge in the area.

Day 6-7: Wa and the Upper West Region

  • Drive to Wa, the capital of the Upper West Region (about 3-4 hours from Larabanga).
  • Explore the Wa Naa’s Palace and the vibrant Wa Naa’s Market.
  • Visit the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary to see hippos in their natural habitat.
  • Stay in a guesthouse or hotel in Wa.

Day 8-9: Navrongo and the Upper East Region

  • Drive to Navrongo, the capital of the Upper East Region (about 5 hours from Wa).
  • Explore the unique architecture and culture of the Navrongo Catholic Cathedral and the Navrongo War Memorial.
  • Visit the Sirigu Women’s Organization for Pottery and Art (SWOPA) for local crafts.
  • Stay in a comfortable hotel in Navrongo.

Day 10: Return to Tamale and Departure

  • Drive back to Tamale (approximately 3-4 hours from Navrongo).
  • Spend your last day shopping for souvenirs, such as traditional fabrics and handicrafts.
  • Depart from Tamale International Airport.

Optional Additions:

  • Plan your trip to coincide with local festivals like the Damba Festival in Tamale or the Paragbiele Festival in Wa.
  • Explore the unique architecture of round mud houses in the region.
  • Visit the Paga Crocodile Pond, where you can get close to crocodiles.
  • Sample local dishes like “tuo zaafi” and “waakye.”

Ensure you check visa requirements, health precautions, and any travel advisories before your trip. The Northern Region of Ghana offers an unforgettable and authentic African experience. Enjoy your lifetime adventure

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