Please check our frequently asked questions(FAQs) to see if your question is not already answered before you contact us.

What is MICE Ghana and how does it work?

MICE Ghana is a platform for MICE experts, Tour agency and agents and other professionals in the travels industry to list their services and tour packages for sale and bookings

How can I become an Agent or Expert?

You must register with us to become an expert or Agent

How do I upload products?

Note that you cannot create or upload MICE or Tour packages until you have registered with us.

How do I read and send messages?

Messaging on MICE Ghana starts when a guest makes an inquiry or reservation request. Afterward, all messages related to that inquiry or reservation request will appear in your inbox. You must be logged in to your mice Ghana account to read or send messages, and you can only send 30 messages within any 24-hour period.

How do I know if a listing is available?

As long as you enter your destination, travel dates, and number of guests when searching on MICE Ghana, all listings that show should be available for your trip. While we strongly encourage all hosts to keep their calendars up to date, consider sending a message to the Agent to double-check that their listing is still available. You can also message the host to ask them other details about their listings.


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